Clear Span

A clear span with a very high ridge relative to the eaves means the roof is not visible to the horse and rider. The result: It feels like you're riding outdoors.

Wood & Metal Siding

Choose metal or wood siding; the latter creates a traditional barn environment. In either case, you'll find an Iron Horse arena is very quiet—even in the rain—and sheds snow quickly.

Light-Filled & Airy

The translucent fabric overshell provides optimal light conditions, while the construction ensures optimal ventilation without moisture build-up.

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We build superior equestrian  
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For an indoor riding arena or stable that combines beauty with outstanding functionality, choose a Calhoun SuperStructure designed and built by Iron Horse Structures. 

The natural light and exceptional ventilation help keep your horses calm and healthy. Even if the day is overcast, you are likely to keep the lights off until after sunset, resulting in significant energy savings.

Some of the other advantages of an Iron Horse structure:

  • Unlike traditional stick-built barns, once the site work is done, your arena or barn can be installed quickly.
  • With a variety of structures and styles and flexible foundation design options, we can customize your building to your site, your needs and your vision.
  • Since the structure is easily extended, you can start small and expand as your needs and budget allows.